Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My First Fondant Creations! Headphones & Music Notes

My friend celebrated her birthday this past weekend with a DJ party theme and asked me to create some fondant designs to decorate her Crave cupcakes with. She ordered farm animal cupcakes (they were super cute!) from Crave, and asked me to make some mini headphones and music notes to decorate them with!

 I wanted to style the font for the numbers '32' so that it matched the musical notes

Mini music notes I created

 I made about 6 mini headphones for the farm animals

 The little ear pieces looked so cute on the mini headphones! haha

Cute farm animal cupcakes purchased from Crave

 I was super happy that the headphones fit well!

Decorating with some music notes

 Added the '32' for a finishing touch : )

I was super happy that the fondant creations turned out well!! The farm animals looked soooooooo cute with their headphones and music notes! We definitely had fun partying after enjoying these cupcakes : )

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